Two Editor's Choice Awards at the World Maker Faire

I attended my first Maker Faire a month after I started working on Eleframes. I couldn't wait to present. It took two years to create a product and inspire others... and it was worth every moment.

World Maker Faire 600+

While presenting at the World Maker Faire, we helped over 600 kids die cut their very own photograph display. The displays were then packaged up and sent home as a fun activity to work on with their parents.

Sorority Themed Designs

We have created dozens of laser cut attachments for companies and organizations.

Laser Cut Attachments

Accent your photos: holiday getaway, favorite city, nickname... we can craft it.

Tabling at UConn

We tabled in the student union on the coldest day of the year. We woke up at 6AM Chalked campus in the snow an built a 75 picture display. The day was a wonderful success.


After months of artwork, we pulled the trigger and manufactured 1800 eighteen-frame kits.

Custom Printing

After squeezing four patterns, packaging, and promotional material onto a 26 x 40 inch sheet, we checked and double-checked our artwork before ordering 1000 custom-printed sheets of paper.

Engineering Packaging

Over the summer, we designed an oragami-like package to hold our picture frames and connectors in place. The entire insert folded from a single sheet of cardstock and demonstrated our products abilities upon opening.

Beautiful Packaging

During the three months I spent in Providence for an internship, I iterated through dozens of package designs to explain our frames and take them from concept to market ready.

Ready for Product Testing

Clean cut product, name, and packaging. Around this time a peer asked me, "Where'd you buy those picture frames?". We'd hit a turning point. From here on, we started mass producing our prototypes, handing them out and in an unbiased manner asking peers what they thought of this product we'd stumbled upon.

Silhouette Cameo

My hometown librarian introduced me to this machine, and I purchased one less than 24 hours later. It's one of my go to examples for talking to everyone you know in order to propel a project forward. I never would have found the machine if I hadn't given the librarian a friendly update of what I was working on at college.

CNC Milling Paper

We needed a faster way to cut our frames, so we started searching for machines on campus. Early on, we screwed 30 sheets of paper into a CNC machine and routed the outlines. The frames looked horrible, though the speed with which they were cut excited us and challenged us to find a better way.

Paper Transition

After talk with friends at 3D printing club, we transitioned to 100% paper made. It took me 3 hours to cut 10 frames and 10 connectors. The resulting display was 10X cleaner and 100X easier to put together.

Storyline Begins

We started as a group of friends designing a better wall display from string, clothespins, and CNC routed wooden disks.