Burn the House Down

After spray chalk was banned on campus, I spent some time recreating the effect with chalk sticks. Turns out if you: 1. cut a pattern out of mylar 2. use a spray bottle to wet the sidewalk and 3. use a strainer to grade chalk over your stencil, you get the same effect. Water is the key though, without it, your chalk dust will blow away. (Design explanation: I created this logo while making a laser cutter, it was a cool way to say "Burn the house down". I never set out to wreak havoc, so getting a fire extinguisher for Christmas was a real wake up call.)

Fusion 360 Challenge

Autodesk ran a promotion where you could earn $500 just by trying their software and submitting a design. I made a few pairs of sun glasses and a quadcopter. Turns out the sun glasses won me $250, the quadcopter won me nada. I learned my lesson. Fashion over function.

Home made Christmas Tree Ornaments

Soon after buying a laser cutter, I tested its capabilities by making an Eleframes display to hold 1 inch wide photos. I packaged it up inside a hand made box and hung it on my Christmas tree, now it's one of the regular ornaments.